Non Woven Laundry Bags

Skylark International, Haryana is producing various types of non woven bags like D cut bags, W cut bags, newspaper bags and the like, which are much more useful to the people. One among its prestigious productions is non woven laundry bags, which are mainly used in big establishments like hotels, restaurants, public and the like.
For the manufacture of non woven laundry bags, this organization is equipped with high quality machines operated by skilled professionals. These laundry bags are produces in different sizes and shapes so as to suit the requirement of the clients. This firm will be able to produce tens of thousands of such laundry bags and supply them to the needy on order.
As against plastic bags, which are being banned gradually, non woven laundry bag gain importance as these bags can be recycled and reused. The salient features of these laundry bags are that they are durable and stylish, spacious enough to hold more stuff, easy to carry and handle and washable. These bags are stitched in such a way that they come for a longer period and they are available in different attractive colors and designs.
Let us say “Good Bye” to plastic bags, which are harmful to the environment, and start using such non woven laundry bags as they are ecofriendly.


  • Longevity
  • Light weight
  • Resistant to tear
  • Easy to use

Non Woven Laundry Bag :

  • Hotels
  • Laundry
  • Dry Cleaner